I Am King

Our I Am King fragrance ensures men feel like the Kings they are and lets women fill their homes with the scent of the Kings they've imagined. I Am King is complex, intriguing, and sensual, giving royal vibes and the year-round appeal you've been looking for.

  • Made with 100% soy scented wax
  • Top quality essential and fragrance oils

    Royal Blue (3 oz)

    Top: Mandarin, Cedar
    Middle: Jasmine, Sandalwood
    Base: Amber, Dark Musk

    To prevent fire and serious injury:

    • Push out 1 cube of wax from the packaging.
    • Place the wax mold onto your wax warmer or wax melter.
    • Light your burner or turn on the heat warmer if electric.
    • Always burn within sight and extinguish before leaving room. Never extinguish with water.
    • When you are finished, turn the heat warmer off or blow out your heat source and the wax will harden until you're ready to use it again.