Hello, my name is Shree Ingram, the founder of this company, Giftly Lit Blesscents. I am 35 years old and I am currently the owner/teacher of an early childhood program. I'm filled with creativity and I love doing different crafts. Sounds about right when you're a teacher! Boy, do we love creating craft projects; building, molding, mixing, and putting things together in unique ways. The children I work with open my eyes and push me to use my imagination in a variety of ways. Everyday I'm fortunate enough to expand my creative thoughts.

God gave me a vision as well as a gift. It was during the pandemic when I asked God ``what can I do in my free time?" He said, "candles." Instantly, I began studying, researching, and joining every social media group pertaining to candles. I love candles! From the natural fragrances filling the comfort of your home to the sounds of crackling wooden wicks all year round. This is truly my gift, my passion, and my dream, and I want to let my customers experience my passion through my scented candles. Candle making combines my love for creating, designing, and taking photos. What I once did with my kiddos, I now do for my business. I handmake my candles, design my brand, and photograph my final product. I carefully test my products until I know my customers will be satisfied. I truly put my heart and soul into this journey. Patience, love, and care comes naturally for me. It is something I have patiently watered in order for it to grow. I love and believe in my brand tremendously and my dream is to share it with you!

Go Gift your Blessing
With love, Shree Ingram